Dr. Koni Worsley
H.B.Sc., D.D.S.

Unit #264, 1632 - 14th Ave NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1M7

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Our office is conveniently located on the second floor of the North Hill Shopping Centre Professional Building.

Tel: (403) 284-1138
Fax: (403) 284-0188
Email: info@avenue14dentalstudio.ca

Mon: 8:30am-4pm
Tues-Thurs: 8am-4:30pm

Zoom ™ is a simple procedure preformed only by a trained dental professional. Your gums and lips are protected to expose only your teeth. The Zoom ™ whitening gel is applied and activated by the special Zoom ™ light. This is done for 3 fifteen minute sessions while you can relax or listen to music. During this time, custom made thin, flexible trays are made by our team members to be given to you after your procedure is finished. You can use these trays with the supplied take home whitening gel to maintain your new, whiter smile.

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