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Root canal treatment, or endodontics, is a safe and common procedure to remove the infection caused by a dead or dying nerve inside your tooth. Typically there is an abscess at the end of your nerve or root that must be minimized with an antibiotic in addition to having the nerve of the tooth removed. Antibiotics will not permanently resolve the infection, but will provide temporary relief of some of the pain associated with a dead, infected tooth. If the tooth nerve is not removed or the tooth itself not removed, the infection will resume and could spread to other teeth or soft tissues, such as the throat, sinuses or glands.

Dr. Worsley would create an access hole to your nerve through the middle of your tooth. The nerve and infection are removed with twisted files and solutions. The tooth can now be considered a bit more prone to breaking as it no longer has the moist nerve inside, so a rubbery filling material is placed where the nerve used to be. It would then be assessed whether the tooth required further protection from breakage by placing a crown on it at another appointment.

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