Dr. Koni Worsley
H.B.Sc., D.D.S.

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Our office is conveniently located on the second floor of the North Hill Shopping Centre Professional Building.

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Mon: 8:30am-4pm
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One method of preventing cavities from developing in the pits and fissures of your teeth is to seal them off with a special resin called a "pit and fissure sealant". Sealants are placed on your molars and sometimes premolars to help protect your teeth from decay. Some special steps are taken to prepare the teeth first. Dr. Worsley will clean the tooth first with her KCP(Kinectic Cavity Preparation) tool, and then apply a mild acid solution to 'etch' the surface and make it easier for the pit and fissure sealant to stick. The material will then be hardened by a light cure (blue light). The procedure is completely painless!


Fluoride is a natural element found in much of the food and water that we drink. Fluoride is absorbed by your teeth to make your enamel stronger. Topical fluoride - fluoride that is applied to the outside of the enamel - makes the enamel more durable and much more resistant to cavities. It can also reduce tooth sensitivity by blocking the tooth pores which conduct cold, hot and sweet sensations to the nerve.

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