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When teeth are severely damaged or broken, and a root canal or a crown can not help, the tooth is removed (extracted). Many people have their teeth removed under local anesthesia by a general dentist or oral surgeon. This means that they are awake, but the area around the tooth is numb. On other occasions, the patient will want to be sedated or put to sleep to help them relax in addition to the local anesthesia.

Wisdom Teeth

Indications for Removing Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth generally cause problems when they are only partially in your mouth and partially stuck in your gum. Cavities can form around an impacted wisdom tooth causing another cavity on the tooth beside it. It is very difficult to remove such decay. Pain and infection can follow. It is difficult to clean around some wisdom teeth, which causes the gum to become inflamed. Permanent inflammation can lead to gum infection in which case removing the tooth is suggested.

Alternatives to Extracting Wisdom Teeth

The alternative to having wisdom teeth removed is to keep them as some people are able to keep them clean and healthy. But for most of us, this isn't possible. Typically, all surgeries are easier and have shorter healing times when done at an earlier age compared to waiting until later in life with the concerns of delayed healing, more medical complications and chronic infections from the wisdom teeth.

Post Operative Care for Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The first 6-8 hours after the extraction are typically the worst, but swelling is manageable with ice packs and non-prescription pain medication, such as an anti-inflammatory. Dr. Worsley will advise you if you are able to take certain pain relief medications and may prescribe you stronger ones. The extraction site should be avoided from trauma from tooth brushing, eating and picking for several days. Compression with supplied gauze will reduce the sporadic bleeding that can occur for the first several hours. Unusual bleeding, swelling or pain that occurs should be reported to the dentist or see a doctor if necessary. Smoking is the number one cause of problems associated following extractions and should be avoided as long as possible.

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