Dr. Koni Worsley
H.B.Sc., D.D.S.

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Our office is conveniently located on the second floor of the North Hill Shopping Centre Professional Building.

Tel: (403) 284-1138
Fax: (403) 284-0188
Email: info@avenue14dentalstudio.ca

Mon: 8:30am-4pm
Tues-Thurs: 8am-4:30pm

Regular oral hygiene visits are vital for keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy, and preventing potentially serious problems. We can help you learn how to keep your smile looking its best. Check ups are for all ages and all oral conditions. Typically, it is recommended that children see the dentist for a check up when they're as young as 2-3 years old. By beginning exams at an early age, we can create positive experiences for your child which sets the stage for a lifetime of quality dental care. But that doesn't mean that they can't get cavities or infections before that age! Please ask one of our team members how you at home can help spot potential problems that may require us to have your child see a pediatric dentist if necessary.

It is not "just a cleaning"! Even those patients with full dentures should have a check up to ensure that their gums and bone are free of disease, infections and cancer. At Avenue 14 Dental Studio our hygienists pride themselves on providing their patients with a comprehensive and compassionate quality of treatment.

At your hygiene appointment you will receive:
An oral cancer screening
Any necessary x-rays are taken and reviewed by Dr. Worsley
Bitewing checks for cavities and bone loss
Panorex checks for cysts, impacted teeth, bone loss, abscesses, missing teeth
Periapical checks deeper tooth areas
An evaluation for gum disease (probing of the gums)
The removal of tartar(calculus) and plaque off your teeth by:
Scaling - cleaning around the gums
Root planning - smoothing rough root
Antimicrobial agents may be given for inflamed (bleeding) gums
A thorough check for cavities, loose filling/crowns, fractures
A polish to remove plaque and surface stain
A fluoride application to reduce cavities/sensitivity
Oral hygiene education for your specific needs
Oral hygiene aids

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