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I brush and floss but I still get cavities. Why?

Cavities are produced when the naturally occurring bacteria in you mouth decompose food remnants around your teeth and produce acid. This acid creates holes (cavities) around certain areas more than others: around fillings/crowns, in the pits and fissures of teeth, on the soft root surfaces when the gum has receded, around appliances such as denture clasps and orthodontic brackets, and in between the flossable areas of teeth.

You can help prevent cavities by following these tips:

Brush three times a day with fluoride toothpaste.
Floss once a day and when food is stuck between teeth.
Eat nutritious meals and limit snacking. After meals, rinse with water, chewing gum or eat a hard cheese or apple if tooth brushing is not convenient.
Maintain regular check ups and cleanings

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